Best Nutrition Plan For Obese Teenagers

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The increase in the consumption of junk foods or better to say it, the easily available lip smacking tasty yummy food and lack of physical activity has made almost all the teenagers worldwide victims of obesity. The availability of dangerous pills that claim to help with weight loss and…

Senior Couple Enjoying Meal Together At Home With Home Help

Best Nutrition For Your Aged Parents

As our parents grow older, above 50 it should become an important priority for us to take care of them. With old age, our parents face problems as arthritis,…

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Nutrition For Your Infant

Just when your little baby steps into the world, a huge responsibility comes with it as well, meeting its nutritional requirements in the best possible manner. Because the first…

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Best Nutrition Plan For Swimmers

Swimming requires a strict fitness regimen and practice that requires them to build their swimming capacity as in swim in shorter intervals of time. They have to undergo through…

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Electric Cars May Soon Be Available For The Middle-Class Population

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 A study conducted by some researchers from MIT has revealed that the cost of batteries used in electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla and Nissan is even lower than gas…


Avast – A Brand To Trust

Mr. Ram purchased a new laptop with latest configurations but didn’t get an antivirus. Why do I need an antivirus when I already have windows defender? He thought. Some…

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