Nutrition For Your Infant

Just when your little baby steps into the world, a huge responsibility comes with it as well, meeting its nutritional requirements in the best possible manner. Because the first year is very important in the life your child, it is quite mandatory to keep abreast of the best nutritional plan for your child and follow the same. The first requirement is to breastfeed the child for duration of minimum five months. The milk contains Colostrum in the first few days, a bit yellow in color and what can be called as “thick milk”. Colostrum contains antibodies in order to safeguard the newborn baby against disease, and also reduced in fat and better in protein as compared to standard milk. Breastfeeding is beneficial as it supplies all the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of your baby, providing a perfect balance even, being completely safe at the same time. There is nothing needed to even produce the milk as such. Infants are born delicate and fragile and without the immunity providing agents in their bodies. Special care must be given to them. Mother’s milk is the best option for the best nourishment that the babies can get.

The human milk is the most nutritious and the least likely as well to cause any allergic reactions in your baby, something that may happen with cow’s milk or soy based milk, both of which being not the best health plans for the newborn in your arms. For this, it is even required that the mother who is breastfeeding her child has a proper diet plan that provides her with all the adequate nutrients as vitamins, minerals and sufficient proteins so that she can ensure proper milk supply to her infant and pass the same to the infant. The diet of the mother shall simply not affect her health and well-being but her infant’s as well. Formula feeding is another option as well, which is iron-fortified infant formula which must be taken by the infants from birth to a year of their being born. This is completely safe, even as it does not cause any problem or infection to the infant and is available easily everywhere. For what is needed for the infant is the availability of sufficient nutrients for a healthy growth and development devoid of infections. Formula feedings are beneficial as it does not harm the baby’s delicate organs.

But what is required is that the formula must be made carefully as the incorrect one may cause problems and low iron content will not suffice. Sometimes it may be so, the poor health of the mother does not allow her to breastfeed the child and at those times, they may feel demoralized, but formula feeding does the same wonders for the child as breastfeeding does. Solids may be introduced at a later stage starting of semi-solid foods, but usually this has to be followed when the baby is more than 4-6 months and the solid food would not cause digestion problems or constipation and affect the delicate organs. Rice cereal can be the best option then. Cereals can even be mixed with breast milk or formula till it seems appropriate not to do so.

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