Electric Cars May Soon Be Available For The Middle-Class Population

 A study conducted by some researchers from MIT has revealed that the cost of batteries used in electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla and Nissan is even lower than gas and petrol powered vehicles. This makes it a promising choice for a majority of the society.

In recent years, we have witnessed many companies like Nissan, Toyota and Tesla coming up with concepts for electric vehicles and even making them available on a commercial scale in various places. The only thing that remains same for all of them is that they only satisfy the desire of wealthy countrymen and are affordable by only a niche of the entire population. This is because of the huge cost of the EV comparing to those running on gas and other fuels. The true cost of the lithium-ion batteries used in the EV was a secret closely held by the manufacturers until now.

It was even tougher to predict the time by which they can be manufactured for long ranges at an affordable cost. A recent study conducted by researchers at MIT has found that the actual cost of the lithium-ion batteries used in the manufacturing of these EV is far less than projected between 2007 and 2014. They are somewhere between $300 per kilowatt hour, as of now, and in the near future, that is by 2018 they might even beat the gas and petrol cars on cost.

They can be as low as $230 per kilowatt hour. This proves to be the right time for automobile companies to start testing models as it can be the new source of income in the next years because it can now become very affordable. Energy-Policy analysts predict that the price of “battery-packs” may get so low that EV might become the first preference for budget conscious population making it no longer the niche of just rich people.

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