Best Nutrition Plan For Swimmers

Swimming requires a strict fitness regimen and practice that requires them to build their swimming capacity as in swim in shorter intervals of time. They have to undergo through extensive training programs to build up muscles, gain energy and swim faster and quicker. For this they practice 8-9 hours in a day which burns a great deal of calories. A swimmer needs at least 4000 calories to maintain his/her weight. Meal planning and a proper diet become essential then. Swimming is an anaerobic exercise that may take up a lot of energy which calls for a diet rich in carbohydrates and vitamins and proteins. Body fat has to be maintained because low-fat levels can make a swimmer difficult to push through the water. The intense rigorous periods of training can exhaust the body and cause fatigue and even more serious consequences if proper nutritional requirements are not met. Even after such training periods, swimmers tend to go for easy food due to restricted time and the need for comfort ad rest.

Swimming requires the athletes to have well-developed muscles and flexible bodies which require a vigorous exercise regimen involving activities as pulling weights or cycling even. Food enriched with carbohydrates which provide adequate body energy must be taken and usually what happens is that a regular swimmer’s body becomes capable of handling carbohydrates after rigorous training. Fats in healthy amounts because fats produce a lot of energy which if not used to get stirred up. But since swimmers need that high amount of energy, taking fats will be completely utilized by them. High proteins are a necessity as well, here comes eggs and mostly egg whites. Proteins help in the growth and repair of the body. Foods rich in proteins are nuts, chicken, lean meat and cheese. To face the challenges of fluid loss from the body, during practice and even during competition in order to prevent dehydration and improve concentration, one must at least take 2-3 liters of water for indemnifying such loss. High energy fluids like juices may also be taken in to get that extra nutrition.

It is always a bonus in that manner. The diet must be so planned that the breakfast includes eggs and carbohydrates to give sufficient energy for practice, the lunch must be so planned that it may have a high protein enriched pulses, eggs and vegetables again with wholesome grains. Snacks can be taken in to avoid extreme hunger, something that the swimmers must learn to avoid in order to prevent binging later on. High fiber foods can be taken as in to keep the body fir by preventing digestive problems. Salads must be eaten in plenty! For snacks, veggie sandwiches, or yoghurt is the best options available! Dinner must be like lunch as well including just whole grains and proteins again. Nutrition planning is important for swimmers for achieving an overall good athletic performance and develop a good body composition. To achieve a good performance it is necessary to keep energy levels in check and ensure sufficient well-being.

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