Best Nutrition Plan For Obese Teenagers

The increase in the consumption of junk foods or better to say it, the easily available lip smacking tasty yummy food and lack of physical activity has made almost all the teenagers worldwide victims of obesity. The availability of dangerous pills that claim to help with weight loss and processed and packaged foods piled with preservatives, obesity has become a constant companion for people who follow the same. It is not good as it exposes them to serious ailments like heart diseases, some forms of cancer and raised levels of blood pressure and threats of arthritis, bone degeneration and pancreatitis. Socially, these teenagers become the victims of much teasing regarding their weight and this results in irreparable emotional damage and loss of confidence. In the slim-obsessed and size zero world where we live in, the social stigma of being obese is deeply set in and too harsh for the teenagers.

The ways where the teenager can be motivated to lose weight is firstly, to talk to him/her about this and make sure he/she is confident about the entire process of losing weight in a healthy manner even if it takes time. The teen might need great emotional support and constant motivation and the parents have to be there to provide them with the same. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Yes, definitely true! Teenagers must get indulged in some sort of physical activity, whether running or cycling or yoga even for a healthy fitness regimen. The teen must indulge in two hours of physical exertion everyday on a daily basis. Exercises or yoga that may help with weight loss is to be followed. The best idea is to seek a physical activity your teen your teen would love indulging in and encourage him/her to follow the same. It may be swimming or cricket or basketball even! They should have seven-eight hours of sleep everyday to keep them fit and fine and wake up with renewed energy and zeal and not with a fatigued mind.

Coupled with this, the food that must be taken to help with loss of weight and at the same time keep them healthy and provide them proper and ample nutrition are fruits and vegetables, egg whites, low-fat dairy foods, whole grains and yes, lots of salads are advised! Proper form of carbohydrates that make you lose your energy must be taken and even go for proteins low in fat. The teenagers must learn to keep control of their urges for junk food as pizzas and burgers and pasta, candies and cookies and keep away from soda drinks even. Meals must be taken at short intervals of time and they must be light, the latter is important to note. 15-16 glasses of water intake are a must! Their calorie intake must be measured accordingly and must not exceed according to their work rate. The calorie intake for a boy should not increase more than 2700 and for girls, 2000. They must eat according to their work rate, no more and no less.

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