Best Nutrition For Your Aged Parents

As our parents grow older, above 50 it should become an important priority for us to take care of them. With old age, our parents face problems as arthritis, osteoporosis or memory loss even. Obesity and being overweight is another problem you would find them grappling with. Many of your aged parents would be seen facing issues as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and let’s face it, the famous Alzheimer’s! Problems like sleeping disorders that continue with increasing age or hearing loss forcing them to take up hearing aids, or even eye disorders like glaucoma, macular degeneration can reduce visibility and cause discomfort to your aged parents. Most of all, if you are someone staying away from home and your parents are all alone and single even, the most serious thing that can happen is depression from loneliness. It’s dangerous because it can hardly be recognized and may be sometimes be mild or major.

Loss of bladder control and frequent urination is a serious problem as well, and that causes the seniors a lot of discomfort even. It’s then when you should get up and take control. At this point, regularly monitoring them and constantly motivating them to take care of their health becomes an important task. But then the question arises? The perfect diet plan to maintain their well being and good health comes into view. First of all make sure, they are most indefinitely not suffering from malnutrition and get a proper diet. Malnutrition may arise from reasons from increased medication or to increase in illness. Sometimes with all the dental problems, they may face difficulty chewing up the food evenly. Consumption of alcoholism and depression may be reasons too for causing malnutrition as well, as according to recent studies. Thus important it is the requirement of a balanced diet with proper balanced regular physical activity as in the light walking and certain forms of cardiovascular exercises and yoga as well.

Staying physically fit and active makes one healthy, prevents gain of weight and may prevent certain forms of diseases of heart and cancers. Also it may help to reduce depression too. Foods enriched with vitamins especially Vitamin D for better development of bones and Vitamin A for retinal improvement are advised by dieticians all over the world. Fiber rich foods as bread, rice and other cereals must be consumed as well as they are good for digestion. For bones and diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, it is advisable to take in foods enriched with calcium as milk, cheese and yoghurt which are the healthiest forms of food that have a variety of nutrients present in them. Iron definitely makes your parents more energetic so give them pulses, beans and liver and maybe the next day, you can find them running down the park! Consumption of too much of salt is not advisable as it has serious consequences as water retention in the body and rising of blood pressure.

Not more than 7gms must be consumed. The intake of water must be high as well for removal of toxins from the body, increase muscle density and prevent dehydration. The goodness of a high water intake is too much to mention. Fruits are a must as they are the best antioxidants and prevent constipation, a problem that may grip your aging parents at large. Proteins in the form of egg whites for cell regrowth are a must of course! Potassium is good for health as well maintain blood pressure and can be consumed as well. Thus with all this, and taking ample care of your parents and more importantly spending quality time with them, they are sure to be healthy and fit.

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