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Mr. Ram purchased a new laptop with latest configurations but didn’t get an antivirus. Why do I need an antivirus when I already have windows defender? He thought. Some days later he inserted a USB drive for some data transfer and his system was never the same after that. An unwanted malicious program entered into his system and created shortcuts for every file and folder into the next USB drive he inserted and a folder of Trashes was formed. Perplexed by what has happened he connected to internet to update his defender but was shocked to see two unauthorized parallel downloads going on. When he searched over the internet about reason of these downloads and shortcuts he found that his system has been attacked by a nasty virus Recycler DorkBot. Once defender was updated was updated he scanned his system but nothing was found. Some days later some of his confidential details stored safely in his system were compromised. Frustrated he dug deeper and found that it was because of virus shutting down his firewall and giving freeway to external hacker’s to his system and the only way to deal with this virus was to always keep it into a dormant state. And this could be done only at the time of booking.

This is not Mr. Ram’s story only. There are many of us who don’t use any antivirus as they think that their Windows Defender or MSE is good enough to detect all the viruses. Generally they are correct but some nasty viruses like one Mr. Ram encountered can make anybody’s life a living hell. For keeping this nasty little prick at bay they need an effective antivirus which can give real time as well as boot time protection and Avast Pro is an ideal solution for that. The latest version Avast Pro 8.0 comes with a highly enhanced virus definitions and an improved sand box. Sand Box is the chest of avast where infected files which are essential for the user and he or she can’t risk losing are kept under scrutiny. Apart from this Avast comes with its own firewall to enhance the protection you get while browsing the net. So even if some virus turns off Windows Firewall you can still be safe with the help of Avast Pro firewall. Apart from the above-mentioned facilities you get an improved behavior shield, network shield, P2P shield etc. But the best part is its boot time scanning. You can always select an option of scheduling a boot time scan in avast antivirus. The Avast 8.0 pro version gives you various options to select in the drop down list. Some of them are

• All hard disks
• System Drives
• Auto-start programs

The Avast team regularly gives updates about latest definitions which can be downloaded automatically or manually as per the user’s requirement. As the technology has improved and more work is done on cloud Avast comes with a unique Cloud service which separates it from other brands present in the market. At a cost of just $399 Avast Pro is definitely the bargain of this summer. If you are going to purchase an antivirus and don’t know which one to buy Avast Pro is worth giving a try.

Avast free download for Windows 7

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